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Capture all the wonderful memories of your wedding day in stunning video and music. This Bespoke printed video brochure comes with a unique template that holds your photographs and video memories of one of the most exciting experiences you will ever encounter, share the memories of your special day with your friends, family and loved ones time and time again of the best day of your life!

A video brochure can tell the whole story from the morning of the wedding right through to the honeymoon and beyond The video album offers an amazing experience, from start to finish – an experience that represents the highest standard of quality and customer service that reflects your very special day’ The first customizable wedding video album ever! The video album comes with a bespoke video template of your choice displaying the very best of your pictures and video and not only that, we offer a complete video editing service for all your selfie clips taken by you and your guests absolutely free on orders over Albums or more.

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